Sunday, October 20, 2013

$21.99 for Humorous Outdoor Survival Guide 2-Book Set (by Cody Lundin) via Groupon #Revolution

Right now, I am knee-deep in the television show Revolution. It keeps me thinking, "What would I do if the electricity stopped working?" I feel like my survival skills aren't what they need to be. I have forgotten all of my wilderness training from Girl Scout Camp.

I plan to start reading When All Hell Breaks Loose: Stuff You Need To Survive When Disaster Strikes by Cody Lundin this week. I have got to get a better handle on this survival stuff. You know - in case all hell breaks loose. Or I am called to audition for Revolution.

I'll be talking about Revolution and survival-related stuff this week. I have posted the Revolution season one finale episode below - in case you haven't seen it.

Be sure to check out the Groupon deal below for Cody Lundin's two humorous outdoor survival guides. Cody is the co-host of the television series Dual Survival on the Discovery Channel.

If disaster strikes (and/or the electricity goes out), don't say that I didn't try to help you out. LOL!

$21.99 for Humorous Outdoor Survival Guide 2-Book Set

Outdoor Survival Guide 2-Book Set. Free Shipping.

Set Contents:

When All Hell Breaks Loose: Stuff You Need To Survive When Disaster Strikes
98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive
  • Written by noted survivalist Cody Lundin
  • Modern survival tips
  • Humorous texts
  • Interspered with colorful photos
  • Commonsense approach to dealing with disasters

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Revolution: The Dark Tower

The struggle to turn on the power culminates in the explosive season one finale!

Season 1 | Episode 20 | Aired on 06/03/2013 | TV-14 | 43:15 | NBC

"Our entire way of life depends on electricity. So what would happen if it just stopped working? Well, one day, like a switch turned off, the world is suddenly thrust back into the dark ages. Planes fall from the sky, hospitals shut down, and communication is impossible. And without any modern technology, who can tell us why? Now, 15 years later, life is back to what it once was long before the industrial revolution: families living in quiet cul-de-sacs, and when the sun goes down, the lanterns and candles are lit. Life is slower and sweeter. Or is it?" - Hulu

Are you watching Revolution? How do you like it?

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