Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What Would Olivia Pope Read? Good Self, Bad Self by Judy Smith #WWOPR | 15 Days to #Scandal

Did you know that Scandal character, Olivia Pope, was inspired by a real person?

Who is the inspiration, you ask?

It's crisis-management guru Judy Smith. That's who. You may have heard that Paula Deen hired her firm, Smith & Co., to help with the backlash surrounding Deen's use of racial slurs.

Smith, who is also a Scandal co-executive producer, wrote about some of the Scandal episodes on a blog called What Would Judy Do? on ABC's website. You should definitely check it out. It is interesting to read insights from a real "fixer."

Judy is author of Good Self, Bad Self: How to Bounce Back from a Personal Crisis. So of course, I'd add her book to Olivia's #WWOPR ereader. Olivia needed to start reading this book as soon as she got on the airplane with Jake.

For extra credit, you should also check out the article ABC bases ‘Scandal’ on D.C. insider Judy Smith (Washington Post) and the Scandal bonus scenes (below) where Kerry Washington talks about Judy. 

Scandal Bonus Scene - Judy Smith's Influence - ABC Television Network

Scandal Bonus Scene - The Complexity of Olivia - ABC Television Network


What Would Olivia Pope Read? #WWOPR

According to my math, Olivia is at the beach. Which one? I dunno.

Olivia is always so busy on the show. She doesn't get many chances to enjoy a little quiet time. I'd recommend that she get in some reading while hanging out at the beach.

I am going to count down the days until Scandal's season premiere by suggesting books for Olivia's beach ereader. They'll be books that a gladiator might enjoy. You know, based on stuff from the show.

Do you watch Scandal? Care to join me? What books would you suggest for Olivia's beach ereader? Check out my #WWOPR posts.

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