Sunday, August 31, 2014

#WhereisOlivaPope | What Would Olivia Pope Read? #WWOPR | 25 Days until #Scandal

At the end of season three of Scandal, Olivia Pope decides to quit Pope and Associates. She has determined that she is the eye of the storm engulfing the lives of those she cares about.

She is the scandal that needs to be handed.

The solution? Olivia decides to pack up her stuff and leave town.

Watch this scene from Scandal Episode 318: The Price of Free and Fair Elections via ABC.


After Huck informs him that Olivia quit OPA, Jake comes to her apartment. It's clear she's moving out, leaving altogether. He asks her to take him with her, run away with him, save him.

So as we gladiators eagerly await for season four to start, the question floating around is:

Where is Olivia Pope?

Jake and Olivia want to stand in the sun (figuratively and literally).
Olivia likes to swim.
Rowan's original fix for Olivia's personal scandal.

= Olivia and Jake ran away to a beach.

What Would Olivia Pope Read? #WWOPR

According to my math, Olivia is at the beach. Which one? I dunno.

Olivia is always so busy on the show. She doesn't get many chances to enjoy a little quiet time. I'd recommend that she get in some reading while hanging out at the beach.

I am going to count down the days until Scandal's season premiere by suggesting books for Olivia's beach ereader. They'll be books that a gladiator might enjoy. You know, based on stuff from the show.

Do you watch Scandal? Care to join me? What books would you suggest for Olivia's beach ereader? Check out my #WWOPR posts.

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