Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What Would Olivia Pope Read? Dan Bucatinsky #WWOPR | Days to 22 #Scandal

In lieu of pouring out a little liquor for the fallen, Olivia should read Dan Bucatinsky's Does This Baby Make Me Look Straight?: Confessions of a Gay Dad.

Bucatinsky portrayed the character of James Novak on Scandal. James was married to Cyrus Beene and was a co-parent of little Ella. I say "was" because he was shot and killed in the street - to the unexpected horror of everyone watching.

Who is going to take care of little Ella's well-being now? Cyrus is a workaholic and a self-proclaimed monster. Ella's godparents (Olivia and Fitz) are a hot mess - morally and emotionally. They were hooking up in the electrical closet at Ella's christening for Petey's sake.

Who is going to help Davide Rosen root out evil from behind the scenes in the White House?

Who I ask? Who!?!

Scandal - David Asks for James' Inside Help 

David wants James to help him expose the truth.
Scandal | Season 3 Episode 11 | Aired on 02/27/2014 | TV-14

Scandal - The Shocking Final Moments of 313

This is among the most shocking moments in Scandal history.
Scandal | Season 3 Episode 13 | Aired on 03/13/2014 | TV-14

What Would Olivia Pope Read? #WWOPR

According to my math, Olivia is at the beach. Which one? I dunno.

Olivia is always so busy on the show. She doesn't get many chances to enjoy a little quiet time. I'd recommend that she get in some reading while hanging out at the beach.

I am going to count down the days until Scandal's season premiere by suggesting books for Olivia's beach ereader. They'll be books that a gladiator might enjoy. You know, based on stuff from the show.

Do you watch Scandal? Care to join me? What books would you suggest for Olivia's beach ereader? Check out my #WWOPR posts.

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