Saturday, July 27, 2013

Join the fun! Beat the Heat Readathon (includes wrap-up)


  • The Beat the Heat Readathon runs from July 29th through August 11th.
  • Sign up at Auntie Spinelli Reads or Phantasmic Reads.
  • There will be mini-challenges throughout the Readathon for participants, along with a grand prize giveaway at the end.
  • To be eligible for the grand prize giveaway, you must sign up by August 5th.

What to read? What to read? I am 7 books away from my 100 reading goal. I am too excited!!!

I am working on my readathon list tonight. I would like to polish off the last nine books during this challenge. However, I think that is wishful thinking when I add in the shows from Hulu's Summer Binge-A-Thon.

Now through August 11 is a lot of time. I just may surprise myself.

What are you going to read?

“Let’s do this!”


The readathon has been extended to August 18. Read on people. Read on.

Starting Line

I am going to finish up with Adela Arthur and the Creator's Clock (The Chronicles of A, #1) by Judyann McCole. I am posting an author interview and book review on A. Literary Mafia.


I read NOS4A2 by Joe Hill by accident... it's a long story. This is officially my favorite horror book. SMH. I have never said that before. Review to come! I hope that someone makes a movie adaptation.

I read The Bird Savior because I have been on a dystopian kick since the Apocalypse Blog Hop. I am still confused by what I read, so I haven't posted a review yet. I kinda want to do a big year now. LOL!

I read How to Survive a Horror Movie by Seth Grahame-Smith in preparation for my Vamps vs. Zombies Month posts (August 17 - 31). I don't watch horror movies often. I might not be sleeping much in September.

I read Welcome to the Darkness by L.M. Justus as part of a Xpresso book tour. It happens to be a vampire story so it will count towards my Vamps vs. Zombie readings. I'll be posting an author interview and giveaway on August 23 on A. Literary Mafia.

I read Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion as part of Vamps vs. Zombies Month. Review on this blog coming soon!  Did you watch the movie adaptation?

I read All My Life by Rucy Ban (Contemporary, New Adult, Romance). I posted a giveaway and book review on A. Literary Mafia.

I read The Priest's Graveyard by Ted Dekker because I needed a book about a spiritual leader for The Seasonal Reading Challenge on Goodreads.

Last day! Today, I am listening to Underground by Kat Richardson and visiting other readathon participants. See you soon.

Finish Line

I made it! I made it! I reached my goal of reading 100 books in a year. *does crazy happy dance*

I usually slack up on my reading around September so I have been trying to read as much as possible before then.

2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
Tallulah A. has
completed her goal of reading 100 books in 2013!

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