Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hulu's Summer Binge-A-Thon | Week 1: Gritty Crime Shows

Get your binge on for seven weeks of summer!

I love solving mysteries in books, movies, and television shows. So I am really excited that Hulu is kicking off the binge-a-thon with crime shows. You can watch most of the episodes for free.

I'll be watching and discussing these crime shows this week. Drop by anytime to chat about them or recommend a crime show for me to watch.

Have you seen any of the shows?

Binge on these thrilling international crime shows...

The Straits

This exotic and darkly humorous crime series centers on a family smuggling operation in the Northern Straits of Australia.

Line of Duty

This British police drama was nominated for Best TV Drama by the Royal Television Society. Delve into this tale of corruption and deception today!


This hard-hitting cop show plunges into the rough worlds of Parisian drug dealers and serial killers.

The Shield

Michael Chiklis won an Emmy for his role as rogue Los Angeles police detective Vic Mackey. Hulu has got seven seasons of The Shield for your bingeing pleasure!


A group of detectives resorts to violence to protect their reputations in this gritty French drama.



Take a break with these popular movies...

Trailer Park Boys 

Residents of Sunnyvale Trailer Park hatch a plan to pull off a coin scheme.


An angst-filled teen and his Mod friends cruise around London getting into trouble.



Take a provocative look behind the bright lights of the legendary nightclub.



Hulu's Summer Binge-A-Thon Week 1: Gritty Crime Shows

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