Thursday, January 3, 2013

Check out SPIRAL: S1 Ep.3 via Hulu.

The critically-acclaimed French Spiral has become such a worldwide sensation, it's been broadcast in more than 70 countries. Every season plunges into the tortured world of prostitutes, drug dealers and serial killers. Intentionally monochromatic photography, starkly filmed decomposing corpses, autopsies and intense interrogations set the tone for this hard-hitting, realistic cop show. It's a police thriller that reveals society's ever changing codes of law: a dark series with constant and increasing tension. - Hulu

The charred body of a well-known businessman is found in his home and the police investigates his personal life to discover a possible motive .


Season: 1
Episode: 3
Aired: 12/20/2005  
Rating: Not Rated (it's for mature audiences)
Run Time: 50:48  


Caroline Proust as Police Captain Laure Berthaud
Grégory Fitoussi as Assistant Prosecutor Pierre Clément
Philippe Duclos as Judge François Roban
Fred Bianconi as Police Lieutenant Frédéric "Tintin" Fromentin
Thierry Godard as Police Lieutenant Gilles "Gilou" Escoffier

You can also find Spiral here:

If you like this show, you might like to read French crime fiction novel, Syndrome E, by Franck Thilliez (Mark Polizzotti,Translator).

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