Sunday, October 5, 2014

100-Book Giveaway Promotion for WINNERS DREAM via the 12 Books Group


I'm a member of this amazing business book group online. Each month we read a book and get to talk to the author of that book. We only read the best business books and I'm loving it!

Right now they are doing this cool thing where if you refer someone to join the book group then both of you get a copy of "Winners Dream" by Bill McDermott, the CEO of the largest software company in the world.

Make this happen!!!! Go to and when you register (basic or premium)* put my email madhoydenish [at] gmail [dot] com in the box for referrer!

Thanks again,



From October 2nd to October 15th, 12 Books will be giving away 100 copies of Winners Dream by Bill McDermott. In Winners Dream, Bill McDermott—the CEO of the world’s largest business software company, SAP—chronicles how relentless optimism, hard work, and disciplined execution embolden people and equip organizations to achieve audacious goals.

* You can select from either the no-cost basic membership or premium membership.

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