Sunday, April 1, 2012

What did I miss? Is it me? Or bad editing? [HOW to BE a MILLIONAIRE]

For such a short story, the publishers seemed to make some distracting errors in their prints.

1. The subtitle for all of the books of Rosey Dow's Colorado Christmas series is "Love Comes in an Unexpected Package During the 1880s." However, the first chapter of How to Be a Millionaire (book one in the series) starts in December 1890. Wouldn't that make it "Love Comes in an Unexpected Package During the 1890s?" [publisher, Thorndike Press]

2. At the beginning of How to Be a Millionaire, it states that Farley's potential mining financier is Willoughby Matthews, the owner of the Regal Astoria hotel. At the end of the story, it is a Mr. Montgomery. Is the person at the end really a different person and I missed it? [publisher, Thorndike Press]

3. From the description on the cover: "Penny Joshua decides to train a bellboy to act like a millionaire to refer her brother for loan approval.  Um, no.  He's a waiter. It says so in chapter 2: "He's a waiter at the Olympia. He's a bit young, but he fits the part perfectly. And he said he'd do it for twenty dollars."  [publisher, Thorndike Press]

4. On the Colorado Christmas collection cover, the back references Maggie Collier as the main character in How to Be a Millionaire, when it's supposed to be Penny Joshua. And repeats the bellboy error in number three.  [publisher, Barbour Publishing]

Is it me? Or do Rosey Dow and her publishers need to step-up their editing procedures?

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