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Armchair BEA Discussion: Genre Fiction

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Armchair BEA Discussion: Genre: Genre Fiction


My favorite genre is mystery. Any kind: <in my best Bubba Gump voice> traditional mystery, legal thriller, medical thriller, cozy mystery, police procedural, murder mystery, crime, detective story, gangster, hardboiled, young adult.

I also like to read science fiction, romance, and fantasy.

If you’re a reader of genre fiction do you have a favourite author or series?

I don't have a favorite author or series, even within the mystery genre.

I like that many mystery authors are now mixing other genres into their stories. For example, I finished up the Sookie Stackhouse - Southern Vampire Mystery series (by Charlaine Harris) this week. I started reading it because a friend insisted that I watch the television adaptation of the novels, True Blood. Normally, I would not have picked up this series because of the focus on vampires. I gave in since it was a mystery series. [I can thank True Blood for getting my head right to read Dracula.]

Dead Ever After, the thirteenth and final Sookie Stackhouse novel, was released earlier this month. The first day of reviews for DEA were harsh! Those readers felt robbed. I was pleased with the last book (more so than some of the previous books).

I "read" the entire series this year via audiobooks (narrated by Johanna Parker). I have to wonder if the briefness of my encounter with the series influenced my overall opinion as compared to those who have been reading each book, from year to year.

Do you like to savor the anticipation and read a series as each book is published? Or do you prefer to read the entire series at once?

And what keeps bringing you back for moremysteries?

I love trying to figure out "whodunit" and why.

And if you don’t read one (or more) of these genres what is it that deters you from those sections of the bookstore?

I am not a fan of horror, but I try to read two horror books each year - for good measure. I tend to reflect on books for a while after I read them. I don't like to reflect on scary things.

Gold star for me this year! I read three horror books during Bout of Books 7.0 this month. I have still have to read Dark Revelations to complete the Dark Origins trilogy. Hmm, can I count two of them towards my horror quota for next year?

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