Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"Because stolen moments aren't a life"


"Because stolen moments aren't a life... so you have nothing" - Olivia Pope*

SCANDALStolen Moments - Olivia talks a client out of an affair. asks readers to vote, "Scandal's Edison vs. Jake! Who's Better for Olivia?"

I think that Edison Davis would be the better guy for Olivia. However (based on her comment to Edison about the type of love that she wants), I think that she would prefer Jake Weston. With Jake, there will be more drama/excitement. Edison needs to move on and find someone who can love and appreciate him. Olivia is just not that person. She needs to move on from him.

It appears that the masses (77%) prefer Fitz right now according to the TV Guide's poll. I think that Olivia needs to move on from Fitz too. Stolen moments aren't enough. She's no angel, but he has too much baggage. He's married. He's an adulterer. He's a stalker. He's a murderer. He's a lush. He's disrespectful. He's a hypocrite. He's the POTUS. Need I say more?

Sure. Sure. He's been done wrong. He's hurting. Yadah. Yadah. Yadah.

I started (secretly) pulling for Olivia and Fitz on the plane during The Trail. All that fell part outside of the electrical closet during Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Olitz has gotten toxic. Olivia needs to move forward. Without Fitz. Now.

Run Olivia! Run!

BTW - I voted for Jake, for entertainment purposes [hee hee hee]. While Olivia may not know about the relationship between Jake and Fitz, she does know that Jake is somehow linked to her case. [“Danger, Will Robinson!”] She shouldn't mix work with pleasure. It keeps biting her in the ass. I really think that Olivia should find a new guy, but would that be as interesting to watch as Olivia-Jake (Olake?)? I doubt it.

What's your vote?

If Olivia and Fitz are available and still in love after Fitz's presidential term AND divorce, then, maybe then, they can try to work it out. She shouldn't wait for him.

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